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Saturday, August 21st, 2004
12:23 am
I lay here, listening to "Planet Crisis" on my FF7 soundtrack for the first time. It brings back memories.... Many... When I heard "Weapon Raid" I wanted to cry for Rufus, "Planet Crisis" makes me remember the whole game... the calm parts, the death, the pillar falling in particular. That made me cry.
I really get into these games. They give me a portal away from life. A gateway to another world. People may think it's crazy crying about something in a video game, but it isn't much different than a book or a movie. People cry about events in those.
I think of Midgar. And I feel bad for the Slums. I think of the Sister Ray, and I feel bad that it didn't manage to save Rufus, the president who wanted to change things around. I hear "Cait Chit's Theme" (I laughed hard when I saw that's what they called it in english... Wutai was spelled Uutai too...) I think about Reeve, him not wanting to be himself, but wanting to be someone simpler.
That game has done so much for me. It's taken me away from the real world. The music of it added a lot to that. It gave me so much. I only wish I could play again, not knowing what was going to happen, or that the guards in the begining had potions on their bodys, or how to use the materia system as soon as I started playing. I only want to live that again. I wish there was some way to play a game without remembering anything about playing before, but when you weren't playing you remembered again. This game makes me want to cry. That year, the person who introduced it to me, everything about what brought me to that game, and the game itself. It was about two years ago that I played that game... Two years ago on that day... *snort*
As I finish writing this, I'm listening to "Prelude", the main theme that has been through all the games up to seven... The music brings back memories... especially "Prelude"... it's what started it for me....
Go ahead and call me crazy. Call me a loon. But that is what I get out of this game. It's so much more to me then another game. Final Fantasy VII is one of the greatest things I will ever encounter. (cross posted in my journal)

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Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
1:24 am
Materia Keeper
Today I have been thinking about Final Fantasy VII a lot again. And I remember Materia Keeper. You know, that big spider thing that you had to fight to get out of those darn mountains? It was a large, green Stilva. He is my enemy. I hate Materia Keeper. A lot. Everytime I replay I want to get my revenge for him constantly killing me >O. Anyway, I remember me trying so hard to be that thing. Stupid Stilvas... think they're all that with their trine and magic breath... I tried leveling, which drove me NUTS. Different weapons, different materia, different party members. Well I think I settled on the party of Cait Sith, Cloud, and either Baret or Red XIII. Well I went into battle like. UGH I BETTER WIN. And I yell at the party IF YOU DIE I'LL KILL YOU. Well this was prolli the ....manyith time. Cloud(my HEALER) was down. Baret/Red was down. Cait Sith was alive. BARELY. Barely as in CRITICAL. His limit was so far off. And it was so frustrating. I was just like AHHH CAIT SITH. And he was almost dead. I was like. whatever just die. die. die. die. cait sith yer doomed anyway. *attack* And Big ole green Stilva himself turns RED MAKES WOOSHY SOUNDS AND GOES AWAY. I was like...... CAITSITHILOVEYOUFOREVER. and thusly i went and saved. several times. just to be safe *Is an extreme compulsive saver*. That was the greatest.
I also spent a week trying to get to wall market. You know that pole that you wouldn't think about getting on the way you do? yeah. that took me a week. and i had to ask someone.
And Demon's Gate. I know, I know, it's Demon Wall. I dun care :D I BLAME AERITH FOR THAT BATTLE. I love you Bahamut. And everytime I here the boss theme, I think of Demon's Gate. >O
By the way, with Materia Keeper, DON'T USE SCAN. Everytime I used scan- it never ceased to fail- it cured itself.
Anyone else ever have any crazy experiences like dat? Mine isn't very crazy, but this community hasn't been getting as much as it should. And I thought I should share that with everyone.

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Saturday, June 12th, 2004
1:17 am
My obsession
Hello, I am MishraXIII and i'm an FFaholic.

It all started back in the good old days of the SNES system, and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. I thought I could handle it, said I would have a quick look at this new type of game.

Anyway, after the 46th straight hour I realised I had a problem, and it has only gotten worse since.

Each successive game leeches more of my time and immortal soul, and only strengthens my belief that I am doomed to an eternity of moogle filled torment, and the quest for the ultimate power weapon.

I apologise if this sounds odd, as my ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality has long since been lost in a sea of chocobo's and apocalyptic battles with the forces of darkness.

I will go now, as I need to start queueing for Final Fantasy XI. It should be out any year now!

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Monday, June 7th, 2004
2:49 pm
Final Fantasy 7
The first RPG I ever played. Still my favorite. And Cloud is my favorite character in all FF's.

When I first played it, I went over to my friends house, and he stuck it in his playstation. He said, "Here, you have to play this," as he stuck the controller in my hand. I started playing it, and it was awesome. The materia system clicked for me, which is by far my favorite. I still play the game, over and over. FInding out different things everytime. It took about til the tenth time I beat it, until I actually bought the game.

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Saturday, May 29th, 2004
9:37 pm
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Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
5:45 pm
How nifty^^

Anyways, I remember asking my friend what exactly 'final fantasy' was. I'd heard a lot about it from people who had loved ff7 or ff8, and he sorta described it as being 'a group of people who go and save teh world' and that sorta disappointed me, 'cause it seemed there wasn't anything definite to the series. He told me how they were all different, and then said he had a couple of the snes roms from somewhere, and that I could see for myself.

Namely, ff5, my first gaming love^^
(and ff4, which I never loved, but it was all right just the same)

A while after I beat ff5 and had bartz, reina, faris, galuf, and cara engraved on my heart, my dad, friend, and self went down into town to the book/music store, which of course, also carries video games.. I noticed that they rented ps2's, so I eventuallly talked my dad into renting one (we didn't realize we'd have to pay the $200 fee in case we would've stolen it-_- the whole thing took forever. Notice--don't rent game consoles, it's way too much trouble:P) and this one game called Final Fantasy X. It had a guy and some blue water on the front and I didn't see any of the others I had heard so much about.

Well, a few months later at Christmas, I found myself both in possession of my own ps2 and copy of ffx.

now, if the characters of ff5 were engraved on my heart, those of ffx/x-2 are not only engraved, but seered into my mind, irrevokably, strung into my dreams, and the music always ready to whistle or sing:P

(yeah, i guess the games are all right;))

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Monday, March 8th, 2004
5:18 pm
I'll never forget it.
I will never forget my first Final Fantasy.... FF7. I had a sort of rush playing it.... I can't describe it..... but I felt it all through the game. Even the parts that were ruined for me. When I had nearly beaten the game i came across FF10. It was my second Final Fantasy. I didn't get the feeling that I got with 7.... but I finished it anyway happily (darn end bosses...to many aeons...arg). Now I am forever searching for the next happy rush from 7 in another game, a rush that you can't get with a replay...... I'm so close to it in FF6.... one of the greatest, right up there with 7..... but I don't have it yet....
Its kinna like getting high on drugs I guess (I wouldn't know for sure but from what I've learned in DARE...) I feels so good the first time.... but then, the feeling gets lesser and lesser... and then you get hooked on it for almost forever....
Does anyone know what I mean? Or am I just crazy? I wonder what others felt like...... I hope that there is someone who knows what I mean.... >^nn'^

Current Mood: nostalgic
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